Recruitment Streamlining

An organization’s worth is as good as the worth of its human resources! Hence, hiring the right set of employees at the most appropriate time in the most vital positions within the organizational hierarchy is the key to accelerated and sustained success of any business.

To assist your teams in making appropriate hiring decisions, we offer the following services for streamlining your recruitment processes:

  1. Carrying out a scientific and thorough Job Analysis resulting in updated Job Descriptions and Job Specifications.
  2. Documentation of key competencies (technical, functional as well as behavioral!) for each of the positions.
  3. Design, development and bench-marking /standardization of Recruitment Tools (Questionnaires / Assessments) based on the Key Competencies
  4. Training for your recruitment teams on “Competency Based Interviewing Skills”
  5. Leveraging of Social Media for enhancing Recruitment Sources and Channels