Assessment Center

Any Organizational Development (OD) initiative starts with assessing the current status, which makes it easier to define the amount of effort needed to reach the desired status. Hence, we believe that setting up an Internal Assessment Center is the first step towards nurturing and developing the human resources.

What is an Assessment Center?
An Assessment Center is a testing center, where the knowledge, skills, abilities / aptitude and attitude / behavioral competencies of an employee are assessed, to determine the extent to which the current competencies (technical, functional and behavioral) suit a particular role.

How does an Assessment Center Work?
The Assessment Center approach involves various assessment techniques, including on-job assessments, simulations, one-on-one interviews as well as Psychometric Tests.

The following are some of the Assessment Techniques that we have effectively used earlier:

  • One-on-one Interviews
  • In-basket Exercises
  • Simulated Interviews
  • Group Discussions
  • Task-based Exercises
  • Written Communication Exercises
  • Oral Communication Exercises
  • Psychometric Tests (MBTI, DISC, FIRO – B, KTS, TKi, BELBIN, 24PF, etc)

The findings / results of these assessments can be used for any of the following:

  1. Identifying Training Needs
  2. Project Allocation
  3. Succession Planning

How can we help you?
We can help you set up a fully functional Assessment Center within your organization, and also train / orient a team of your employees who can take over the running of the Center with constant support from us.

As part of the process of setting of the Assessment Centre, we can also assist you with

  1. Updating the Job Descriptions (JDs) for all positions
  2. Documenting the Organizational Competency Framework
  3. Defining the Proficiency Levels across Competencies
  4. Deriving the Competency Matrices for all positions in every department
  5. Creation of Standardized (Reliable & Valid) Suite of Assessments
  6. Implementing Competency Audit through the Assessment Centre