Executive Coaching & Mentoring

The concept of Coaching and Mentoring has existed in India right from our ancient times in the form of Gurukul and Ashrams. While training initiatives focus on group interventions, Coaching and Mentoring are used for one-on-one interactions.

While traditional approaches towards coaching and mentoring insist on a formally qualified and certified coach or a mentor, the changing paradigms in the industry make it mandatory that every manager / supervisor learn to get into the role of a coach or a mentor, to guide and support the team members in a manner that is appropriate to the organizational culture.

When should you use Coaching / Mentoring?
If you are keen on addressing performance issues related to the workplace, then Coaching is the intervention that you should consider. And, if you wish to focus not just on a specific workplace related performance issue, but would like to provide your employees an opportunity to focus on their overall personality enhancement with emphasis both on their professional and personal life, then you would rather consider Mentoring.

How can we help you?
In addition to offering Coaching and Mentoring services, we can also train / orient your managers on being effective Coaches / Mentors for other employees in the organization.

Right from the identification of appropriate individuals within the organization who can be an effective coach or a mentor, we can assist you with defining coaching / mentoring partnership agreements between the coach and coachee / mentor and mentee and can also conduct hands-on, experiential learning based workshops to kick start the Coaching / Mentoring initiative within your organization.

Based on the requirement, we can also administer Psychometric Assessments like MBTI / DISC for identifying the behavioral traits that could either be supporting or limiting your employee growth, and offer them counselling / coaching / mentoring to overcome the hindering factors and come out with flying colors!