72-hour / 12-day Module

When should you opt for this ELABORATE, EXTENSIVE and EFFECTIVE Program?

If no training inputs have been provided to the students on any of the screening processes involved in on-campus and off-campus recruitment drives


If your academic schedules permit you to plan for allocation of these 72 hours either spread over one semester, or plan for at-a-stretch schedule between semesters

B-CUBE’s 72-hour 3E Module

Designed to ensure EXTENSIVE discussion on all topics in aptitude as well as GD and HR Interview skills, this program lays more emphasis on providing training inputs related to various COMPANY RECRUITMENT PATTERNS, which is very essential for your students to come out in flying colors during the recruitment processes.

MODULE #1: Quantitative Ability Session #1
Averages, Ratios & Proportions, Percentages, Mixtures & Alligations, Partnerships

MODULE #2: Quantitative Ability Session #2
Number System, LCM & HCF, Numbers & Ages, Profit & Loss, Time & Work, Pipes & Cisterns

Module #3: Quantitative Ability Session #3
Data Interpretation, Clocks & Calendars, Permutations & Combinations, Probability, Simple & Compound Interests

MODULE #4: Quantitative Ability Session #4
Time & Distance, Boats & Streams, Races & Games, Mensuration, Geometry

MODULE #5: Reasoning Ability Session #1
Directions, Blood Relations, Logical Deductions, Venn Diagrams

MODULE #6: Reasoning Ability Session #2
Letter Series, Letter Classification, Letter Analogies, Number Series, Number Analogies, Coding & Decoding

MODULE #7: Reasoning Ability Session #3
Comparison & Ranking, Sequencing & Ordering, Allocation, Data Sufficiency, Puzzles

MODULE #8: Reasoning Ability Session #4
Cubes, Seating Arrangements,  Figure Series

Module #9: Verbal Ability Session #1
Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies and One-word Substitutes

Module #10: Verbal Ability Session #2
Identifying Errors in a Sentence, Sentence Corrections, Sentence Improvements, Sentence Modifications

Module #11: Verbal Ability Session #3
Jumbled Sentences, Reading Comprehension, Inferences, Assumptions & Contradictions.

Module #12: Verbal Ability Session #4
Sentence Completions, CLOZE Test, Idioms & Phrases

Module #13: Company Centric Mock Tests – 1, 2

Module #14: Company Centric Mock Tests – 3, 4

Module #15: Company Centric Mock Tests – 5, 6

Module #16: GD Skills Session #1
Purpose of a GD, Types of GDs

Module #17: GD Skills Session #2
Topics in a GD, How to generate content for a given topic

Module #18: GD Skills Session #3
Common problems faced in a GD, Strategies to overcome problems, Tips & Techniques

Module #19: GD Skills Session #4
Company centric GD inputs + Presentation Skills

Module #20: GD Skills Session #5

Module #21: Interview Skills Session #1
Purpose of Interview, Types of Interviews

Module #22: Interview Skills Session #2
FAQs, Answer templates

Module #23: Interview Skills Session #3
Resume Formats – How to write an effective Resume / CV

Module #24: Interview Skills Session #4

HIGHLIGHTS of B-CUBE’s 72-hour CRT Program

  • ELABORATE Discussion of all Aptitude QUESTION TYPES
  • Discussion of Company Test Patterns with MOCK TESTS
  • Continous Learning through Frequent TESTS
  • EXTENSIVE training on GD Skills and HR Interview skills through MOCKs
  • ELABORATE, EXTENSIVE and EFFECTIVE coverage of all topics