Online Income Training Program (OITP)


This is an 8-hour program designed to help you learn how to become an INTERNET ENTREPRENEUR by creating income streams through the following EIGHT proven ways:

You can pick up projects related to your knowledge, skill and abilities online. This involves writing a proposal and sending it to clients. Once the project is awarded to you, the client deposits the payment into an ESCROW account even before you start work! This means your payment is fully secured and you are not required to pay a single dime to get the project! All payments are done in US dollars (USD) and hence you need to have a PAYPAL account to convert the payment you receive into Indian rupees (INR).

You can become an AFFILIATE (similar to being a dealer / distributor) for the most reputed brands, products and companies in the world, like Flipkart and Amazon, and promote their products / services through your website. When a visitor who comes to your site clicks on these product advertisements / banners, he is redirected to the product website and when he makes a purchase, you get your AFFILIATE COMMISSION. Companies like pay as much as 75% commission on every sale!

You sign up for the Google AdSense program and once your application is approved, you link your website with GOOGLE ADVERTISEMENTS by placing your AdSense code in your website. When a visitor who comes to your website clicks on any of the Google Ads on your website, you get paid by Google! There is no purchase needed here, and you get paid for every click that happens in your website!!

You can sell products online and make huge amounts of money, as the entire country is your target market! You don’t even have to invest in products, you just associate with a reliable supplier and put up the product details online – when a customer places order and makes payment, then you go to the supplier and get the product to be couriered to your customer!

You can earn huge amounts of money if you know how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Management. Thousands of clients across the globe are looking for people who can handle their SEO, SEM and Social Media services. Of course, you need to be actively engaged on Social Media, including websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

If you can explain to someone something that you already know in a clear and precise manner, then you can make money online by doing tutoring or by setting up an online course. You can teach anything that you are good at; it is not just academic courses or subjects. For example, you can teach people how to play the guitar, or how to install MS Office, or you can even teach cooking, singing, dancing, etc.

You can make money by writing articles / eBooks and putting them up for sale online. You can write on any topic of your choice, during your leisure and you only decide the length of the article as well as the fee for the article. Even if your article has some grammar / spelling / punctuation mistakes, still it can get sold (as a PLR article), as the buyer would be okay with getting it edited by someone else!

If you are good at designing – for example – logo design, then you can make money online by offering it as a service. Furthermore, if you have a digital camera and if you can click high resolution, great looking photographs, then you can put up such digital images online for sale, and make money!

You probably have a blog, or are planning to set up a blog – you can make money through your blog too! While deriving the satisfaction of having shared your views and opinions with the world, you can also make your blog a money making channel!!

To learn all of the above – how, where, what – of each of the income streams explained above, you can attend this program!


  1. No need for huge investment – anyone can start with just a computer and an internet connection!
  2. No office needed – one can work from anywhere – there is absolutely no need for setting up an office or a shop!
  3. No travel – as Online entrepreneurship doesn’t involve any travel, a huge amount of time can be saved, including other benefits like avoiding pollution and travel costs!
  4. Flexible timings – as entrepreneurship is all about becoming financially and emotionally independent, online entrepreneurship lets an individual to decide his or her own work timings, as per convenience!
  5. No employees needed – unlike most of the offline businesses, online entrepreneurship can be continued without the need for any additional employees!
  6. No dependence on recession – while most offline businesses get severely impacted when recession occurs, Online businesses actually thrive more during recession!
  7. No impact of inflation – while everyone continues to be negatively impacted due to inflation rates and decreasing rupee value, Online Entrepreneurs continue to make more money due to the high dollar value!
  8. No hassle of promotion – while employees continue to get stressed about the next promotion that has been long due, an Online Entrepreneur can plot his / her own growth financially as well as personally too!


  1. Students pursuing graduation / post-graduation will be able to take care of their educational expenses, without the need to depend on parents
  2. Unemployed graduates and post-graduates
  3. Employed professionals, who wish to strengthen their finances by creating additional income streams during their free time
  4. Individuals who have worked abroad, and now plan to start their career in India
  5. Individuals planning to set up their own business with least cost
  6. Housewives, who plan to complement their family income by earning on their own
  7. Retired employees, who wish to not only make money, but also keep themselves actively involved
  8. Faculty (Teachers / Lecturers / Professors) who wish to leverage their knowledge and skills to make additional income during their leisure, weekends and during holidays


  1. Should be able to use the Computer
  2. Should be internet savvy
  3. Should be able to read and write good English
  4. Should have an intense desire to make money!!

Program Details

Duration: 1 day; 8 hours; Fee: Rs. 3,500/-

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