WORDPRESS (Website Design)

Web Design through WORDPRESS

This is an 6-hour program designed to help you learn how to set up your own blog / website WITHOUT the need to know any programming or coding!

Set up your own website at just Rs. 300/- per month!
Yes, it is possible, if you attend this program

Why should you have your own website / blog?

a. Through your own blog you can share your views and opinions with the world!
b. Your own blog can provide the outlet for your creative genius!
c. By running your own blog you can make constructive use of your free time!
d. Having own blog is often found to help in unlocking the innate potential of an individual!
e. Through your blog or website you can promote reputed products, brands and companies and earn handsome amounts!
f. You can set up Google AdSense on your blog / website to make money by attracting potential buyers!
g. You can establish an online presence for the products / services that you offer as an individual or as an organization!
h. You will be able to leverage the power of the internet to fulfill your online income dreams!


By attending this program you will learn

  1. Choosing the right DOMAIN NAME for your blog / website
  2. Choosing the right HOSTING service provider
  3. Installing WORDPRESS in your hosting space
  4. Setting up appropriate THEME with SEO and mobile (Responsive) capabilities
  5. Understanding the TEMPLATE File Hierarchy
  6. Changing the background colours and setting up the LOGO
  7. Using the theme OPTIONS to configure the HOME PAGE
  8. Setting up additional PAGES and linking to MENUs
  9. Leveraging the power of WIDGETS & PLUGINS
  10. Configuring the SETTINGS panel of your DASHBOARD
  11. Understanding WordPress Database Class
  12. Adding JAVASCRIPT and CSS to themes
  13. Configuring the NAVIGATION experience
  14. Using Offline Editors
  15. Upgrading, Moving and Backing up
  16. WordPress for Photoblogging and as a CMS
  17. Creating User Forums through BBpress
  18. Creating Social Network with Buddypress
  19. Using WordPress with Automattic products
  20. Setting up additional features on your website, including Visitor counter / tracker, Contact Forms, Registration / Sign-up, Horizontal / Vertical Scrolling for Text and Images, Sliders, Real-time Chat clients, eCommerce Shopping Cart / Payment Gateway, RSS Feeds & Podcasts, Discussion Forum / Bulletin Board, Google AdSense, Affiliate Banners & Ads, etc

Once you learn WORDPRESS,  you will be able to create scintillating websites / blogs with all the amazing features you ever wanted!

In addition to setting up your own websites / blogs, you will also be able to offer WEBSITE DESIGN (through WORDPRESS) as a service to clients across the globe!!

You can also get into part-time / full-time employment, once you learn WORDPRESS!!!

Duration: 6 hours; Program Fee: Rs. 2,750/-
For full details of the program we offer on “Website Design through WORDPRESS,” go here: Own Website @ Rs. 300/- per month